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April 26, 1911: Water Waste

April 26, 1911: Municipal Journal and Engineer editorial. Waste in Public Water Consumption. “We have had occasion several times to call attention to the fact that no class of consumers waste more water than schools and other municipal buildings and that consequently meters or other methods of restricting waste are fully as important here as on any other services in the city, in spite of the seeming anomaly of a city’s measuring the water which it delivers to itself. ещё 251 слово


Totally St. Augustine (#32) March 17, 2016

Water leak doesn’t empty my glass

It sometimes takes a series of unfortunate occurrences to make you realize just how lucky you are. This became abundantly clear to me around the middle of February. ещё 628 слов


Time to replace your water heater? Save $100 Now!!

When is the last time you took a good look at your water heater? If it has any characteristics of the one found in the picture below (or it is 15+ years old) it is a ticking time bomb! ещё 93 слова

Portland Plumber

Keep the nerves of your home strong

Plumbing system act as the nervous system of your home. It carries water around the home and any defect in the same can lead to troubles and expenses which of course no one like to face. ещё 126 слов

Good Idea

Where to Find Water Leaks at Home

Often plumbing leaks are visible inside a home, and then there are occasions when they are not.  These are definitely the one that are potentially dangerous.  ещё 360 слов

Leak Detection

Water Damage

This weeks blog is about water damage and what to do if you have a flood or moisture intrusion. Water damage can be very costly and doing some preventive maintenance around the home can save you time, money and headaches of costly repairs. ещё 440 слов


Keeping warm in the south of France

The climate here is interesting. In summer it can get quite hot but in winter it seems to vary a lot year to year. Last year it was quite cold in December and January. ещё 151 слово