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Keeping warm in the south of France

The climate here is interesting. In summer it can get quite hot but in winter it seems to vary a lot year to year. Last year it was quite cold in December and January. ещё 151 слово


How To Check For Plumbing Leaks In Your Home

One of the biggest water hogs in your house is considered your bathroom. This is the case if you have  conventional toilet and have not installed a low flow shower-head. ещё 133 слова

How To Find Water Leaks

You gotta laugh at the bad stuff 

When I got off work last night, I got in my car and checked my phone. I had received a text from my husband that read along the lines of… ещё 413 слов


Another great review from another great customer!!

Sutherland Plumbing deserves more than five stars!  After receiving my last water bill from Sunrise Water it was apparent that I had a leak in my water system.   ещё 525 слов

Portland Plumber

Thermal reflection

Fellow home inspector Richard and myself are looking for signs of water leaks with our thermal camera.

The image you see in the mirror with the colored background is actually our heat reflecting off the glass! ещё 120 слов

Home Inspection

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

I think this qualifies as an oops moment, captured in the characterful city of New Orleans. Can you imagine that the person who attached the hose didn’t spot it was leaking?  ещё 67 слов


Signs You Have Mold Problem in Your Home

Mold – it’s every homeowner’s nightmare. The word alone is enough to make your cringe. Not only does it greatly decrease the value of your home, it can also cause health problems. ещё 285 слов