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Razor-edge bonnet acquired

Not feeling well enough to do any proper work I thought I’d tidy up the shed and get rid of some discarded parts. So I gathered together the… ещё 518 слов


Some Tips to Optimize your Laundry Routine | Plumbers | Charlotte NC

The washing machine is an essential product in our lives. Without it, we would spend much of our valuable time washing our clothes. Although many homes in the world have washing machines and use them often, we must know that they are the third appliances that consume more energy and water. ещё 268 слов

Bathtub And Shower

Tips to Help the Dishwasher Run Better | Plumbers | Charlotte NC

Dishwashers are appliances designed for washing cutlery, plates, and other kitchen utensils. They use a water flow at high temperatures and detergents that allow adequate cleaning and a save labor to users. ещё 481 слово

Bathtub And Shower

April 26, 1911: Water Waste in New Bedford, MA

April 26, 1911:  Municipal Journal and Engineereditorial. Waste in Public Water Consumption. “We have had occasion several times to call attention to the fact that no class of consumers waste more water than schools and other municipal buildings and that consequently meters or other methods of restricting waste are fully as important here as on any other services in the city, in spite of the seeming anomaly of a city’s measuring the water which it delivers to itself. ещё 249 слов


City of Regina warns of thin ice, releases city schedule for Easter weekend

The City of Regina has released the list of civic services, facilities hours and closures over Easter weekend, and is warning residents to keep away from lakes, ditches, creeks and storm channels after higher-than-normal water flow has caused dangerously thin ice conditions. ещё 249 слов


Wednesday 28 March 2018 - PCI Day!

Today was our long awaited PCI day.  It started with Mr W meeting with the Construction Manager and the Site Supervisor at 8:30.  I was late — had to do Kinder drop off.  ещё 1 770 слов

New House Build

The plumber cometh

There has been a spot of moisture on the garage wall for about a month now. I’ve pondered it, off and on, as it’s next to the door from the garage to the kitchen. ещё 305 слов

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