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Wood Damage

This weeks blog will be about how people will know if they have wood damage to their homes and what to do when this occurs. ещё 588 слов


Water Line and Sprinkler Head Replacements - Leaks!

Ka-ching!! Ka-ching!! Ka-ching is only part of it……..the use of effluent water is all goodness; HOWEVER, effluent water LEAKS are considered contamination — that the ‘owner’ of the property will be and is responsible for!!!!!!!!


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Choosing between water heater repair & replacement

In your home’s plumbing system, a water heater is most likely the most costly component. The problems related to the water heater are usually very easy to detect and fix. ещё 328 слов


Moisture Intrusion

This weeks blog is about Moisture Intrusion and inspecting.  Since we are about to enter the rain season here in Tampa Florida this I felt would be a great source of information… ещё 1 059 слов

Roof Repairs

The Travel Formula

When I am packing for a trip I use The Packing Formula. However it is just a subset of the larger travel formula.

When preparing for a trip you often do the same tasks as on previous trips and it does become formulaic. ещё 507 слов


Six Preventative Tips for Water Leaks in the Home

The following tips cover preventative actions against a common problem — water leaks:

1. Inspect sink pipes and toilet water lines regularly.
Examine the pipes under kitchen and bathroom sinks for signs of deterioration and loose fittings. ещё 282 слова

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August 2, 1911: Water Waste in Washington, DC

August 2, 1911: Municipal Journal article. Water Waste in Washington, DC. “The matter of detecting and closing underground leaks in the distribution system is one that the water department of Washington has been working on systematically and rather extensively since 1906. ещё 258 слов