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Wood and Drywall Water Heater Platform Damage - Home Repairs

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April 26, 1911: Water Waste

April 26, 1911: Municipal Journal and Engineer editorial. Waste in Public Water Consumption. “We have had occasion several times to call attention to the fact that no class of consumers waste more water than schools and other municipal buildings and that consequently meters or other methods of restricting waste are fully as important here as on any other services in the city, in spite of the seeming anomaly of a city’s measuring the water which it delivers to itself. ещё 251 слово


The solution of Water Leaks Detection

Solution for water leaks detection
The battery-powered FLOMIC FL5034 and FL5054ultrasonic flow meters are intended for operational and invoicing measurements of instantaneous flow rate,pressure and consumption in water piping in observance of standard EN 14154 in water works, water distribution systems and other industrial applications. ещё 230 слов

Flow Meter

Roost wants to keep you from laying pipe all night long

Smart home supplier Roost has confirmed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 that its Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is now available for pre-order. ещё 57 слов

Technology + Science

Garbage Disposal Repair

The garbage disposal has become one of the main workhorses in the kitchen. This appliance was invented by John Hammes in 1927 and its design has changed very little since its invention. ещё 219 слов

Bathtub And Shower

The Importance of Detecting Leaks

Water leaks might seem like a small thing until they start to add up into a bigger problem that can cost a lot of money to fix. ещё 291 слово

Plumbing Leaks

Drain Cleaning: How To Get Rid of Odors

There are few things more annoying than a bad odor coming out from your drains. Even if your home is squeaky clean, a bad smell can ruin your day and your family’s comfort around the house. ещё 265 слов

Bathtub And Shower