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Summer Fun

July 20-22, 2016-365 Days of Photography-Days Twenty-Twenty-Two

FYI, that is mostly sarcasm because this is what’s been happening over the course of the past couple of days since they repaired the refrigerant line… ещё 78 слов


August 2, 1911: Water Waste in Washington, DC

August 2, 1911: Municipal Journal article. Water Waste in Washington, DC. “The matter of detecting and closing underground leaks in the distribution system is one that the water department of Washington has been working on systematically and rather extensively since 1906. ещё 258 слов


New roof line

If you’ve been around here for long you know we’ve been chasing a water leak for the better part of two years.  Two leaks actually (but the same kind), one in the kitchen and one in the guest room.   ещё 572 слова


Sunday’s blog is about gutters. It seams that down here a lot of homes do not have gutters installed or are installed later. Gutters are the number one way to stop land erosion, flooding, and inconvenience. ещё 451 слово

Searching for Plumbers in Charleston?

Water Leaks, although common, can be disastrous!  If you live Charleston, South Carolina and need a Plumber to fix a water leak, finding the right plumber can be stressful.  ещё 154 слова

Attaboy Plumbing

The Toilet Operations

This weeks blog is about the commode. Ever wonder how it really works? Do you think its a science by itself or just by imagination everything goes together. ещё 577 слов

It's been a busy spring...

We promised ourselves once we sold our Niagara 35, we would put money into Thyme Hyssop & Wry—some cosmetic issues, some maintenance issues. A customs agent boarded us last summer in Little Current and (very nicely) commented his surprise by our «nice interior;» our boat looked «a bit rough» from the dock. ещё 562 слова