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Recover database encrypted modules code with dbatools

This article was initially posted on SQLServerCentral @ 2020-08-18.
It was interesting some comments I read about it, mainly why people still use WITH ENCRYPTION… ещё 1 438 слов



When you hear the word «scripting» whats the first thing that comes to mind? maybe a play, or a movie, auditions, rehearsals? many think of lines that have to be read and a role that needs to be played and a story that is to be told. ещё 634 слова


Zerto Virtual Manager API Authentication with PowerShell

When beginning to leverage the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) REST API for scripting operations with PowerShell the first hurdle to overcome is authentication to the ZVM and extracting the token needed in all subsequent API requests. ещё 1 291 слово


Exchange Online Shell – Connect with Certificate

Exchange Online Management Shell can now be connected by utilizing certificate.

You can call it as APP only authentication that you have already experienced with SharePoint online. ещё 330 слов


Tool Feature Development

When we have an existing tool that we have the task of extending, finding a consistent process we can use to add that new feature is vital. ещё 1 233 слова

Tech Art

Remote controlling Capture One - Automation routines from a distance

I’ve had this idea for ages to remote control more of Capture One from the iPhone/iPad — more specifically have my scripting run when I call it from the phone. ещё 588 слов

Capture One

Updating the firmware of a list of HPE ILO 5 IPs via PowerShell

In addition to my previous blog post of upgrading a list of ILO 4’s firmware via PowerShell, I also wrote a similar script for ILO 5. ещё 196 слов