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Sebenernya nggak tau mau nulis apa, dan kenapa nulis post baru. Tapi yaudahlah mumpung dapet wifi dan masih inget password.

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The Mercy Rule

Have you ever felt like you were crazy?

Your heart and head at constant war?

Have you ever accepted pain or discomfort, or disregarded a gut-instinct because you could rationalize it all away? ещё 573 слова


000: Hello, World!

This is a blog about being happy! No! [2]

This is a blog about, possibly, the literal opposite of that.

About a week ago, I was paging idly through my old LiveJournal and realized I’d been contending with depression for at least 10 years of my 25 year lifetime. ещё 105 слов


Game Session Blog of Friday Night's Coriolis Game Delay

Had a good evening of gaming last night with the Friday night players.

I would have posted up the game session notes on the journal just now, but as I discovered when Kathy called me this morning, she seems to have taken my game notes on last night’s… ещё 67 слов


LiveJournal & DreamWidth

so LiveJournal shot itself in the foot for its US users.  it’s been on the decline for a while now, I’ve noticed.  but I think this may be the torpedo that finally sinks it. ещё 190 слов


The Demise of Livejournal & Migration to Other Shores

More than a decade ago, I started out blogging on Livejournal.In that time,  I met tons of friends, many fabulous writers, talented artists.  Many of these people are still my friends today. ещё 499 слов