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Things end.

This week, I received a notification that AOL Instant Messenger is ending.    On December 15th of this year, the service that was the biggest part of my social life from the mid-1990s until just a year or two ago will go offline for the last time. ещё 704 слова

Life At Home

A silly post about my t-shirts.

I’m pretty sure that nobody else is going to be even remotely interested in this post, but I’m trying this new thing where I actually put stuff in my blog more than once every two months, so I’m talking about whatever random weird thing is on my mind. ещё 494 слова

Life At Home

Do you remember LiveJournal?

In 2001 I was the ripe old age of 17 and religiously met my friends online in the chat room Teen Christian 1 on yahoo. Basically, these «friends» of mine all went to this chat room to be giant jerks towards these poor kids just trying to «save» some people on yahoo chat. ещё 309 слов

First Post


Holy shit, there’s a tool on WordPress that allows you to import your Livejournal posts!  *mind blown*

Yeah, it’s not that big a deal.  I only have… ещё 67 слов

[Ancient Repost] The most dangerous item in the drug store.

I’ve been clearing out an ancient LiveJournal in preparation for deleting the account. While most of the stuff there is utter fluff, a tiny portion of the posts are worth preserving.

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Life At Home

Hello, This is an Blog

This is my magic LiveJournal. It is real. It comes with a nice default picture which I am deciding to leave here.

I can choose to write ABOVE the pictures as well as BELOW the picture. ещё 22 слова