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I Got The Power

I’m in charge of my life and my happiness. I just broke out into a little dance in my room. It feels so good to be happy and carefree. ещё 17 слов



He’s calling me baby and I remember when you used to call me that. But this is someone new. New year, new man. You’re old news and our love is old school. ещё 25 слов


Journalism Still a Trend

Thinking back to elementary/ early middle school, I can count on one hand of journals I had filled with my chicken scratch of hand writing from the first page, to the last. ещё 460 слов

Rants & Random Topics

Finding my voice...

A short project to explore the journals’ archive in library (or online), find our own voice and in which published journal it might be most fitting. ещё 474 слова


Gratitober: Entry 16

16. I’m grateful to not get what I want.

If that’s not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard, tell me what it is. Who is grateful to not get what they want? ещё 579 слов


A Poem by Vincent Francone


Last night we painted our faces

with mud

to tighten the skin and remove dirt from pores.

We sat the required ten minutes

you with the dog… ещё 342 слова


Keto Journal - Fist Entry

As with most things in my life, I find greatest success when I’m held accountable or if I have an audience to my goals. Happened few years back when I… ещё 360 слов