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The question for today:My Dream Job

It’s kind of a tie for me, I love writing and I love fashion. I would love to have like a fashion franchise one day with upcoming designers signed to my business, I guess like a site that sells different brands but I won’t be restricted to selling alone. ещё 155 слов


How it feels to be awakened by God

You fill my mind with thoughts of the future,
dreams and vision of the greatness I possess,
My heart races with excitement,
yet aches in frustration because it has yet to come to pass. ещё 115 слов


Vintage newspaper

New soft-bound journals complement our existing range of vintage newspaper stationery. Newspapers have always been an inspiration for us. We will keep looking for innovative ways to use them in our pieces of art. ещё 88 слов

Whats New

One day

One day I will wake up dead and the life you breathed

into me with thumbs pounding on keys

will have meant nothing. nothing at all. ещё 163 слова