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Exchange Resource Forest and Office 365 Part V

Upgrade to Exchange 2016

Two years ago I wrote a number of blogpost regarding an Exchange Resource Forest model and Office 365 starting at Exchange Resource Forest and Office 365 part I… ещё 2 160 слов

Exchange 2010

ذا ميستيريوس كيس اوف الشركات اللي اتنصب عليها في ملايين

على مدار السنة اللي فاتت ، اشتغلت مع كام شركة اتنصب عليهم في كام مليون حلو كده ، الشركات كلها اتنصب عليهم بنفس الطريقة و نفس الاسلوب ، و للاسف رغم انه الخدعة بسيييييطة جدا الا انها صعب جدا كشفها و فعلا جهنمية ، خلينا نشوف ещё 541 слово

Exchange 2010 AKA E14

Exchange 2010 Public Folder migration

So far, all my customers had decommissioned Public Folders in the Exchange 2010 timeframe, all migration I did have never included Public Folders, until now. The Exchange 2010 (hybrid) to Exchange 2016 (hybrid) migration included approx. ещё 1 535 слов


Exchange 2016 Hybrid setup false password/username


Don’t copy and paste the credentials. Type them in manually, and the setup will proceed normally.

I am currently doing a general infrastructure update for a customer. ещё 333 слова

System Engineering

MS Teams & pre-Exchange 2016CU3

Updated May 9th: Added Share to Teams. to table

With the emergency to facilitate working from home due to the Corona pandemic, many organizations were faced with a dilemma. ещё 857 слов

Exchange 2010

Bulk Contact Creation and Forwarding Exchange Hybrid

Sharing two Powershell Spells which we have used in one of the acquisition.

We have a requirement to create contacts and forward the emails to the other company. ещё 293 слова


Exchange 2010 uninstall: This computer is responsible for expanding the membership of 1 distribution group(s).  These must be reassigned to another server before Setup can continue.


When removing an Exchange 2010 server from an organisation I was faced with the following error.

This computer is responsible for expanding the membership of 1 distribution group(s). 

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