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Exchange 2016 Hybrid setup false password/username


Don’t copy and paste the credentials. Type them in manually, and the setup will proceed normally.

I am currently doing a general infrastructure update for a customer. ещё 333 слова

System Engineering

MS Teams & pre-Exchange 2016CU3

Updated May 9th: Added Share to Teams. to table

With the emergency to facilitate working from home due to the Corona pandemic, many organizations were faced with a dilemma. ещё 857 слов

Exchange 2010

Bulk Contact Creation and Forwarding Exchange Hybrid

Sharing two Powershell Spells which we have used in one of the acquisition.

We have a requirement to create contacts and forward the emails to the other company. ещё 293 слова


Exchange 2010 uninstall: This computer is responsible for expanding the membership of 1 distribution group(s).  These must be reassigned to another server before Setup can continue.


When removing an Exchange 2010 server from an organisation I was faced with the following error.

This computer is responsible for expanding the membership of 1 distribution group(s). 

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Clear PublicFolderDatabase attribute on Mailbox Database


When trying to delete a legacy Public Folder Database from an Exchange 2010 server, I got the following error.

The public folder database ‘X500 Public Folder DB1’ cannot be deleted.

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Exchange 2010

Scripting Agent initialization failed


When installing an Exchange Server 2016 CU11 server into an Exchange 2010 organisation I encountered the following error during Step 6: Management Tools. ещё 231 слово

Exchange 2010

A hybrid deployment with Office 365 has been detected

There are lots of organizations running Exchange 2010 hybrid, but with the upcoming end-of-life of Exchange 2010 it’s time to move on. Sometimes it’s not always possible to move everything to Exchange Online, so then you must migrate from Exchange 2010 hybrid to Exchange 2016 hybrid. ещё 392 слова

Exchange 2010