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Lesson Plan: Lying (B1-B2)

If you’re partner hasn’t been eating very healthily for the last few weeks and asks you ‘Do I look fat today?’, what do you say? If you tell the truth, you’ll ruin their day (and probably your sex life) or maybe they will appreciate the honesty — who knows.

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Pizza, Free and Delicious

We have a custom at work that basically works like this. If you have something you want to share (get rid of is also a kind of sharing) put it on the table in the kitchen area.  ещё 291 слово

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

Debate Fever

Warish Zaman Orko ‘21

To break at Worlds is to see a lifelong dream become reality. Hundreds of teams from all over the world descended upon idyllic Cape Town, each loaded with the aspirations of not just their friends, families, debate unions and universities, but entire countries and subcontinents too. ещё 568 слов


TEFL Interviews 50: Judith B. O'Loughlin (JALT 2018)

TEFL Interviews 50: Judith B. O’Loughlin (JALT 2018)

Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast — A podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language, and related matters. ещё 175 слов


Languages and Translation

I’ve noticed a lot of conversations regarding writing in different languages lately, so I thought this might be a good time to talk about it. I love learning new languages. ещё 340 слов

Captain's Log Weekly

ESL - Affirmative sentence

15 January

Affirmative sentence

An affirmative sentence or declaration is positive e.g. : «Birds fly,» «Rabbits run,» and «Fish swim» are all affirmative sentences where the subjects are actively doing something, thereby making a positive statement about the noun in motion.  ещё 200 слов

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