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AFTERMATH Playlist for 18Nov2019

AFTERMATH is hosted by Alexander Rubio, produced at Tech-Rev and aired on KEOS 89.1 FM in College Station, TX.  AFTERMATH features: Trip-Hop, EBM, Electro, House, 80’s & Downtempo, Chill music. ещё 323 слова


(News) Glasgow's Soft Riot released When Push Comes To Shove!

When Push Comes To Shove, out on November 11, 2019, is the seventh studio album by Soft Riot, the stylized musical alter-ego of Glasgow-based Canadian artist JJD (formerly of Radio Berlin, A Luna Red, PR1M35, etc.). ещё 503 слова

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CD review DIE KRUPPS 'Vision 2020 Vision'

Die Krupps are probably more ‘metal’ than many other bands, at least when it comes to band name and logo, using the three steel rings representing Krupp, the German steel enterprise. ещё 532 слова