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Glowing golden-leaf brains show the absolutely awesome nature of our minds

This totally unique mash-up between neuroscience and art shows the stunningly complex beauty of the human brain.

Your brain is terrifyingly complicated and is made up of approximately 86 billion neurons which work together as a biological machine to create who you are. ещё 644 слова


XI: Tutorial

The following are notes from my tutorial with Jonathan Kearney on May 25th 2017

— — —

I’ve been working on more paper-cutting experiments for last few weeks and have been struggling with making or feeling like I’ve made progress through my work. ещё 339 слов

Fine Art Digital

How We Survive: A Feminist Poetry Show at Space Academy

How We Survive is a feminist spoken word performance featuring internationally acclaimed poets Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski. This two woman show presents a powerful and honest narrative on what is to be a woman living and surviving in 2017. ещё 120 слов



When you really really want to start fasting and do salaah but still can’t so you just lie in your bed and memorize some du’as. … ещё 68 слов